Postgres Cluster Support in Python

pgtoolkit is a Python library providing API to interact with various PostgreSQL file formats, offline. Namely:

It also provides a Python API for calling pg_ctl commands in ctl module.

Quick installation

Just use PyPI as any regular Python project:

$ pip install --pre pgtoolkit


If you need support for pgtoolkit, just drop an issue on GitHub!

Project name

There is a homonym project by @grayhemp since September 2013: PgToolkit. grayhemp/PgToolkit is a single tool projet, thus toolkit is misleading. Also, as of August 2018, it is inactive for 3 years.

There is no Python library named pgtoolkit. There is no CLI program named pgtoolkit. There is no pgtoolkit package. Considering this, pgtoolkit was chosen for this project.

Please file a new issue if you have feedback on project name.